December 30, 2007

Post Christmas

You'll never believe it. I'm knitting socks! I knitted up the green/black tofutsies using Cat Bordhi's Riverbend architecture. They turned out well, but a tiny bit big for me so I gave them to my SIL. I hope she likes them :)

Right now I've got these on the needles and I will be seriously annoyed if I manage to knit them too big for myself too!

They are tofutsies December yarn (called Winterberry); I am in love with the color, but the pattern had bobbles all over that I didn't really want to knit and they wouldn't work well inside my snow boots anyway. I might use it later, though as it is a really cute pattern. Instead I picked traveling vines since it's an 8-stitch repeat and fits perfectly around my leg.

Tonight instead of going out with friends I made chicken tetrezzini (sp?) from my new "Philadelphia Cream Cheese Classic Recipes" Cookbook. It was delicious and I'd be happy to make it again! I think in the future I'd add extra veggies as I don't do onions and forgot the mushrooms, so all it had was celery... still awesome, though!
After the chicken I baked some cookies! I also received the "Capitol Cookies" recipe leaflet, so baked the Washington cookies. They have chocolate and marshmallows. Yum!

But not all of them turned out so well...

Oops! ah well. More for me :)

Happy New Year!!

P.S. My cousin LOVED the purse & hat! She said she changed purses as soon as she opened it! Yay. Also, my mom and I stumped everyone with our gifts to relatives! No one could figure the purse out (didn't know about felting, he he!). Mom made a scarf by sewing yarn to wash-away stabilizer and then washing the stabilizer out. Go us; now we might have to keep it up... must plan for next Christmas now...

December 12, 2007

Again the month changes without me!

Well, now November has ended without me sort of like October did...

Christmas knitting! I redid that squatty sidekick and now it's so much better! It's a useful size and I like it! It's going with the Yarn Harlot's unoriginal hat to my cousin Jenna.

I also found BOW RIBBON!!! AND it's not the velvet kind it's just plain red 2" wide ribbon! My grandma is "the Bow Lady" in Almaden (San Jose, CA) so I feel like I need to hang on to the tradition. She puts bows up on every telephone pole on her street before Christmas, I think it really gets the neighbors in the spirit :) Awww, Grandma! The only bad news about the ribbon is that I found it at the Goodwill since it doesn't seem to exist any more...

And since I know you all want to see it, here is the tree!

P.S. Robin, Shelley, and I made gingerbread houses... mine is minimally decorated, Robin gloated about how wonderful her kit was, then she accidentally smashed it, and Shelley's spontaneously caved in so she stacked up a bunch of graham crackers and decorated it anyway! Fun times - note the empty beer bottles...

November 28, 2007

Pay it Forward Exchange

I found this cool idea on knitnana's blog. The idea is that you make a comment to this entry and I will select someone at random to send a gift to! If you've got a blog, then leave the address so I can make an educated guess as to what you would like, if not, then you'll get some thing totally random!

How it will work:
1. Make a comment to this blog entry by next Wednesday (December 5th)
2. Give me some way to contact you (blog or e-mail)
3. I will select someone at random
4. I will contact the winner and send them a fun gift*
5. I will send said gift ideally that day, but I have been notorious lately for sending things in an untimely fashion... The winner should expect it to be shipped before the end of the year
*If you're not a knitter, you are as welcome to participate as knitters and I promise not to send you yarn or needles :)

The catch: you must agree to pay it forward on your blog to keep this going. I suppose if you don't have a blog, I recommend you do this with friends! We all know there is no free lunch, but this is pretty close! Fun times!

November 18, 2007

Startitis Weekend

I don't remember having startitis quite so bad in the past. This weekend took the cake for any other time I've been like this!
The 2nd Endpaper Mitt is driving me crazy because it won't knit itself. Current Progress: I just started the thumb shaping, so it's about 1/2 done - maybe 4-5 more hours of knitting?

Yesterday Fiber Trends had a warehouse retail sale. SWEET! Fiber Trends. Largest pattern distributor in the US. Based in EAST-freakin-WENATCHEE. Mere BLOCKS from my own house?! Who knew "local" would ever be that local?? For those of you that love fiber trends, but don't live in the valley... You missed out! As patrons of local yarn shops (all 3 of them) we were given an entry ticket and then free to buy up loads of items at discounted prices. Here are my winnings:
1. 2 skeins of Naturally Tussock 14ply in red to remake the Squatty Sidekick because after I got it good and felted, now it's too small...
2. 1 skein of Haven in lavender to make the cable hat from this pattern
3. I built my own Huggable Hedgehog Kit, but God forbid I make it look "natural," so I chose these colors:
It's not a tremendous lot of damage, but I still didn't need any of it!

Continuing on, since it was startitis weekend, I present these:
It's difficult to see the definition (could have something to do with then being still wet). They are the coriolis & sky arch practice socks from Cat Bordhi's crazy sock book. I think I might use my rock-toe-ber tofutsies in one of these patterns instead of the cable pattern that came with the yarn.

Friday I went and had my hair done, it's got red in it and I love that!

Then I found this:
I completely forgot about it! I knit it last winter because we were selling one just like it in the gift shop and I couldn't live without it. It's basket weave with a huge pom pom on top :)

November 9, 2007

More Yarn on the Way

I think I mentioned yesterday that the stash yarn I was showing off is by no means stash-limiting. So I thought I should tell you (since I forgot about it) that I ordered some more yarn a couple of days ago. The Yarn Harlot made this adorable hat and I decided I couldn't live without it! So I bought 2 skeins of the suggested yarn, one to make the hat for my cousin for x-mas and 1 for myself. For Jenna (cousin) I got black cause she's like that and for myself I got Saratoga. I wish I had a reason to make more than 2 of these because the colorways that Blue Moon has available are all so beautiful! So many, in fact that I had to go and look at Saratoga again to remember what it looked like! Love. MUST.HAVE.NOW!

November 8, 2007

How did it get to be November?

I guess I need to get on this blog thing... I'm not good at staying up to date!

Since I wrote last, Halloween happened, and not much more knitting than had been done before. Here are some new pictures!

I completed the lamby hat for a co-worker to wear on Halloween - she sells them in the gift shop at work, but only in baby sizes, so that's where I come in! It's made using 2 skeins of Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille and crocheted using an I hook and popcorn stitch throughout.

And this is what happened to me on Halloween. I didn't make any of it, but it was fast and cheap! (And sideways... I'm so sorry! I can't make it work right! Just imagine 80's prom date...)

I've made some progress on the Panda Cotton socks. Though, due to major busyness lately they're not done yet :(

Here is a project I wasn't even prepared for when I wrote my last entry! It's Amanda's Squaty Sidekick from Knitting Daily. It knit up and mostly felted in 1 afternoon. SWEET! Felting isn't quite done, but I've got time. It's out of Cascade 220 and knit on size 10's. I think the pattern called for 10.5's...

No update on the mitts yet, also :( because I The weather turned cold a few days ago and now I need cute things to keep warm with!
Also, the Summer Daze tofutsies socks are done and I gave them to my best friend before taking finished product pictures! Ah well, they look like socks.
But in the spirit of not finishing projects, I present some stash pictures. (Understand that this is by no means the limit of my stash, but only things that I've gotten lately that have projects in mind...)
1. Rock-toe-ber Tofutsies. It's green and black - as if you could tell!

Rowan Scottish Tweed for a scarf to be sold for breast cancer research. Chicks on Sticks Ski Race in Leavenworth, WA will be selling pink scarves to raise money. They'll sell for $20 each. Let me know if you're interested in pitching in! I love this kind of stuff :)

Finally, some non knitting... I suppose my blog name is a little misleading as I also sew. Here is my beautious quilt fabric! I'm not usually into quilting, but I fell in love with this quilt on Craftster, so had to get started on my own. Love the material, but it's taking forever!

P.S. New needles! Should have been 4 sets, but the ones I wanted to use *immediately* arrived broken. Sad day. As if I don't have enough projects on the needles or in line... They are Knit Picks Harmony in size 0 & 2 (the 1's are missing) and Lantern Moon in size 10. I LOVE the Lantern Moons! They knit the squaty sidekick like they were made for each other!

Someday I will use natural lighting for picture taking and you might be able to tell what color everything is :) That's All for Now!

October 13, 2007

Pizza, Knitting, and some pictures!

I have just cooked a delicious pizza (3rd go and it's still amazing!)

I highly recommend this recipe for crust. It's yeast free, but that is because I have no yeast in the house... but it tastes just fine and no need to rise!
I make it with chicken, artichoke hearts, cheese, and ranch instead of regular sauce. This latest version was made without cheese, since I don't have any of that at the moment, either. It's a sad kitchen I keep... though when your kitchen looks something like this:

You should be amazed that I didn't just call Pizza Hut! Incidentally, the roommate had some friends over to party before driving to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest.

Oh, and you want to see what I've been knitting on and telling you about? I now present, pictures of CraftyCoug's knitting!

The lovely Summer Daze from tofutsies Sock Club (August installment). There isn't a shot of the completed project as I forgot to take one before gifting them to my best friend

Panda Cotton socks for another good friend in Nasturtiums

And the Endpaper Mitts - I love how they're turning out! I just wish they would knit themselves while I worked on all of these other projects!

October 4, 2007

A pictureless knitting blog?

I thought it would be nice to update my loyal blog readers (do I have any yet...) as to why I have no pictures. I don't have that fancy cable that connects my camera to my computer. Last time I visited my parents I left it there.

That being said - I will have it in my hot little hands tomorrow! Theoretically that means I'll post pictures. But I should also warn you that I have a bad track record for connecting my camera to my computer. I hope that this will help me do it...

I can also update you on my current projects:
-Socks for my good friend Amy
I'm about 4" into the foot of the 1st one - she wears size 12 and they are toe up, so I really haven't accomplished much...
-Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts
I'm 2 pattern repeats into the cuff of the 1st, which leaves 1 repeat, the thumb gusset, 1 more pattern repeat for the hand and then ribbing for the thumb and fingers. And then I have to do the other one. Fortunately they go rather quickly, especially considering all of the color changes!

Future project:
-Fiddlesticks socks
Tofutsie Sock Club 3rd installment is a lime and black colorway that I liked better in the tiny picture than in the ball, but am excited to see how it knits up because green is my 2nd fave color! (Pink will remain my fave for the time being)

Now I'm off to pack for the weekend and clean my fishies

September 26, 2007

Starting Out

The first is always the hardest right? Cause you haven't gotten your routine down. So I suppose everyone should just ignore this guinea pig of blogs!

However, since someone might read it, I will post something about myself.

I'm an avid knitter that sews sometimes
I live in the Wenatchee Valley (find a map of Washington State and put your finger dead in the middle - that's where I live)
I love avocados
I downhill ski
I plan to teach small children to ski again this winter
I want to carpool to work just so I can knit on the way
I started knitting when I was in 2nd grade, I think
I'm left handed
I work in accounting at Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat
My mom taught me to sew by following lines on paper - just needle, no thread
I love the snow, but not being cold
I have been called a crow for loving all things sparkly
To my best friend I am a goat

Enough about me. A bit about my projects for now:
You can find me on Ravelry (I'm CraftyCoug there, as well)
I'm into knitting socks lately
But I plan to knit Snow White
I'm also going to knit Endpaper Mitts - I got all the way through 1 and then tore it all out
My perpetual project is the mitered square blanket using Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Blush