August 3, 2008

Fly Fishing is fun!

Drew and I had a wild day out today! We got up and had breakfast at the Waffle Haus in Leavenworth and the drove up Mountain Home Road in search of a road/trail to walk up Wedge Mountain. Unfortunately all we found was the abandoned effort to create a ski resort with a fairly decent view of town.
Satisfied with our morning adventure we went back to his house to get supplies for an early dinner and a little fishing. I'd never fly fished before and my dad had always said it was hard work, so I never expected to try. But I've at least got the hang of holding the rod in my hand and flinging it around a little! See, I caught a fish (well, 2 really but who's counting?)

Can you see it? It's a tiny rainbow trout :) He was a little squirmy, but swam away to safety just after taking the picture. Note to self: time to invest in a fishing license, a rod, some of those fancy fake flies, a dorky vest, and possibly some hip waders. Then I think I'll fit in with the crowd. Although, I can't get too close to anybody as I'm a lefty and my cast is a little sideways at the moment. Drew said, "you're doing GREAT! But your timing is completely off." So maybe I can't fish with the big boys any time soon, but I fully intend to keep practicing cause it's a total blast! Then again, how could repeatedly flinging a piece of string around not be? I mean, this blog is all about it, just in a different form!