July 22, 2010

Not Just Any Goat

It's that time of year when it's too damn hot to be outside, so I pack up the essentials and head into the woods. Is it cooler? A little... I just love to get out and explore the wilderness.
I have 3 travel goals:
  1. See all of our national parks
  2. See all of Washington's state parks
  3. Hike in all of Washington's wilderness areas
I won't say where I'm at with them so far as it's probably pretty pathetic... I need to get a couple of maps to mark up. Then I can start a game plan for the future!

This weekend Martha and I are off to Barclay and Eagle Lakes (probably). Getting ready...

July 13, 2010

baby hat

This much cuteness is hard to resist.

July 10, 2010

Still Knitting

Clearly I'm not into regular blogging. No matter. Life happens and blogging fits in wherever it does.
Robin's step-MIL asked me to make a hat for her granddaughter. I made this hat for R&J's daughter, Charlotte, in the spring and Cindy loved it and was inspired to request more. The one I'm making for Cindy's gd is pretty much nothing like Charlotte's. I hope she anticipated a bit of artistic license. The guidelines I received were "multicolored and pink". This definitely fits :) If she wanted something different, this will go to one of the other adorable baby girls currently making my heart melt!

I never knew baby things would be so rewarding! I knew they were fast, just didn't realize how much fun it is to knit for others.