November 18, 2008

Um, YUM!

Yes, this is more not-knitting. But it's delicious and worth showing off!

2 crust for 10" pan from Betty Crocker's Old Fashioned Desserts book. I'm not one of those people that "uses their great great grandmother's recipe that she almost lost on the boat ride from Yorkshire." Instead I use whatever - sometimes I get it from one of my cookbooks, sometimes I get it from the internet. This one uses Crisco, but I've used butter before, too. I don't really have a preference (yet?) or a favorite recipe. I haven't even ruled any out as bad ones. So there.
Apple Pie from the Betty Crocker Best Loved Recipes cookbook. Generally one would use tart apples like Granny Smiths, but all I had were Galas (or Fugis?) which are really sweet. So I burried them in sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon. They aren't as crisp, but I can say that they don't taste bad.

It's getting all foggy and they say it will most likely rain tomorrow afternoon. Cross your fingers that it turns to snow very soon! Then I'll have a really good excuse to run the oven all the time :)

November 13, 2008

Hyku: Natural Light

O! Natural light*
I saw you in sunny CA
But now I am home.
*I just realized that you might mistake this for the beer... I'm talking about natural SUN light.

I was in San Diego over the weekend visiting my brother & sister-in-law. We had a blast and it was all perfect. Here is the trip:
This is Paradise. It says she might bite... she definitely bites.

Shout House w/ Laurel - dueling piano bar. It was hilarious, everyone needs to go!

Breaker Beach on Coronado Amphibious Base.

Sandpipers at the beach. They are so fun to watch!

We went on a ghost tour.

Mik looking for ghosts on the Spirit of India.

Is there a ghost man, other woman, child, baby, etc in the picture? I didn't think so...

Is Kate Morgan here? We tried to find the famed ghost of the Del Coronado Hotel, but all that was around was the most beautiful place to stay I've ever been.

Mik looking for orbs. Or is that dust?

Got to hang out w/ the youngest Brandon.

Brandons on swings. Go figure.

Ocean Beach (OB to the locals) was stormy, but pretty!

There are seagulls there, too

There are cactus and palm trees all over

My knitting from the weekend is on Ravelry. I've been internetting way too long to post any of that here now.