October 4, 2009

Smoke on the Water

My hairdresser trimmed my hair the other day and said we should do a trade. She asked for deep purple gloves. I'm interpreting that to mean purple fingerless gloves - she wasn't definitive, so I feel like I have enough artistic license to not produce solid indigo fingering weight gloves. Part of the reason I plan to do fingerless gloves is because I have this great skein of white Cascade Lana D'Oro yarn that's not quite enough yardage for really-o-truly-o gloves. Anyway, it's allowing me to kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone - trade work and stash busting. I dyed it this afternoon using Wilton's icing dye. It took a couple of hours because I seriously underestimated how much dye the whole skein would really take, but in the end I think it has turned out awesome! I'd like to find a smoky stitch pattern so I can really call them "Smoke on the Water Mitts". I'm so creative, I know, besides who doesn't love some classic rock in their knitting?

In general today has been super productive! While the yarn was prepping and dyeing I was trimming my quilt pieces that I cut sometime during the last ice age. Now with the whole world warming up I'm finally getting ready to actually assemble this quilt :) I'm about 1/2 way through the process of trimming the previously cut pieces, but considering how long it's been since I've even thought about it, I'm calling that a major success!
Now I'm cooking one of my favorite dinners - Chicken Cacciatora. It's been at least 2 years since I've cooked it and now just smelling it is making me smile :D It's one of my very own comfort foods not handed down from my mom. Much as I love things like chicken over rice and beef stroganoff cooked only the way she cooks it, it's really fun getting to have a few of my own. Maybe someday it will be my family's favorite. Man, must I wait this last 15 minutes before it's ready? I am so excited for dinner!
In other news, I'm working on Christmas knitting which consists of lots of things that I will put on Ravelry (or are already there). I'm knitting Owls for myself. The body is complete up to putting together w/ the sleeves and the sleeves are almost 1/2 done. I'm worried the sleeves will be too tight, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.