December 30, 2007

Post Christmas

You'll never believe it. I'm knitting socks! I knitted up the green/black tofutsies using Cat Bordhi's Riverbend architecture. They turned out well, but a tiny bit big for me so I gave them to my SIL. I hope she likes them :)

Right now I've got these on the needles and I will be seriously annoyed if I manage to knit them too big for myself too!

They are tofutsies December yarn (called Winterberry); I am in love with the color, but the pattern had bobbles all over that I didn't really want to knit and they wouldn't work well inside my snow boots anyway. I might use it later, though as it is a really cute pattern. Instead I picked traveling vines since it's an 8-stitch repeat and fits perfectly around my leg.

Tonight instead of going out with friends I made chicken tetrezzini (sp?) from my new "Philadelphia Cream Cheese Classic Recipes" Cookbook. It was delicious and I'd be happy to make it again! I think in the future I'd add extra veggies as I don't do onions and forgot the mushrooms, so all it had was celery... still awesome, though!
After the chicken I baked some cookies! I also received the "Capitol Cookies" recipe leaflet, so baked the Washington cookies. They have chocolate and marshmallows. Yum!

But not all of them turned out so well...

Oops! ah well. More for me :)

Happy New Year!!

P.S. My cousin LOVED the purse & hat! She said she changed purses as soon as she opened it! Yay. Also, my mom and I stumped everyone with our gifts to relatives! No one could figure the purse out (didn't know about felting, he he!). Mom made a scarf by sewing yarn to wash-away stabilizer and then washing the stabilizer out. Go us; now we might have to keep it up... must plan for next Christmas now...

December 12, 2007

Again the month changes without me!

Well, now November has ended without me sort of like October did...

Christmas knitting! I redid that squatty sidekick and now it's so much better! It's a useful size and I like it! It's going with the Yarn Harlot's unoriginal hat to my cousin Jenna.

I also found BOW RIBBON!!! AND it's not the velvet kind it's just plain red 2" wide ribbon! My grandma is "the Bow Lady" in Almaden (San Jose, CA) so I feel like I need to hang on to the tradition. She puts bows up on every telephone pole on her street before Christmas, I think it really gets the neighbors in the spirit :) Awww, Grandma! The only bad news about the ribbon is that I found it at the Goodwill since it doesn't seem to exist any more...

And since I know you all want to see it, here is the tree!

P.S. Robin, Shelley, and I made gingerbread houses... mine is minimally decorated, Robin gloated about how wonderful her kit was, then she accidentally smashed it, and Shelley's spontaneously caved in so she stacked up a bunch of graham crackers and decorated it anyway! Fun times - note the empty beer bottles...