March 30, 2008

Cabled Cardigan

I got it all figured out! The brown yarn from yesterday will become the Cabled Cardigan* from Spring 2007 Knit.1. Generally I didn't love the patterns in that issue and I bought it for the skirt pattern that after reading didn't like anyway. (You knit a tube and then sew ruffles onto it. I wanted to knit the ruffles, but didn't really feel like figuring all of that out) However, it's got a really cute cable, hooded cardi in it! And I've been looking for a good aran style sweater for a long time. And what better way to do it? 2 weeks anyone? Think I can do it? It will be a stretch for sure. The yarn isn't even dry yet. Yikes! I've got it in front of the heater, though, so hopefully I'll be able to get started tonight.
Oh, I looked at the MRSP on the original tag and it didn't say $58.00, it says $188.00!!!!!! I just tore up a nearly TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR sweater!! And it was brand new! The $58.00 tag was the "compare at" price on the Ross tag. I almost feel badly... but really what it means is I got a friggin' screamin' deal! Now I just need to re-knit it into a beautiful sweater.

*Sorry the link is from Ravelry... if you're not on there, I don't think you can see it. It was the only picture of the particular pattern I could find.

March 29, 2008

Recycled Art Show

In case you don't know, in April at Sleeping Lady we put on the Recycled Art Show. Last year I made capris and a ruffly blouse from bed sheets. That was fun, but I couldn't do it again (although I've still got enough left of those sheets!) and I couldn't find a round table cloth w/ boarder design to make a circle skirt with. I figured I could get an old sweater at the GW to unravel, but spring isn't the time to raid it for heavy sweaters. Darn. Then I found myself at Ross... ok, I'm at Ross all the time looking for bargains on things I probably don't need. And when I was at Ross this time I saw this horrific sweater, BUT it's made of 60% wool, 22% silk, 11% alpaca, and 7% cashmere. How could I not buy that??? Especially at the low low price of $6.99!

Score! It feels delicious and is a good color - brown tweed w/ specks of all different colors.
I'd really like to knit it into a sweater, but I'm not sure I've got time for a whole sweater - only about 2 weeks. Hm.
Anyway I didn't take a picture of it before tearing it apart. I looked around online for one, but it must have been a really unpopular style cause I can't find any. It's designer too (oops?!) - Buffalo by David Bitton and retailed for $58 anywhere other than Ross...

As soon as it's dry I'll start knitting and see what kind of gauge I get. I'm assuming it's around worsted or heavy worsted weight... I haven't quite mastered what that means in the gauge world, but I'm thinking I'll try #9 needles. Though I've probably got a little while to figure it out since I don't expect it to dry immediately.

March 14, 2008

Catch Up in a Big Way

I had a lot of fun in CA visiting family and going to Stitches. I managed to navigate San Jose's light rail system. As long as you're in the area where it operates it is fantastic, but I heard rumors that it's not all that great if you're away from the lines. Once I figured that out I rode BART, SF buses, and in a taxi. Got all the public transportation I could for one trip.
I visited my cousin in SF and we experienced as much of it as we could in the little time that I was there. This link should take you to Flickr and you can see CA pictures there.
I promised pictures of Stitches purchases, so here they are!
back left - Creative sock yarn "Luxury"
back right - Blue Moon sock yarn "Silkie" (Fairgrounds colorway)
front - Valley Yarns worsted "Colrain" from Webbs and got it for Snow White, but might make Yosemite instead since I'm pretty sure I can't live without it! Would Yosemite work in bright blue? It might have to...

And here is a completed Stitches kit. Purchased at Bella Knitting's booth. I almost died when I saw it - knew exactly where it was going and needed it IMMEDIATELY! Case in point why it's already done.

The argyle booties are done, too. And they are adorable! Thanks to mom for the pattern, even though I don't really like how it all goes together. I would make more booties, but I'd rather not have to crochet the bottom on.

Oh, and here is something that Grandma found while wandering the market... I must have been drooling over something because I didn't even noticed the free mini skeins of Malabrigo! I have no idea where she found them! Crazy, too, because I drool over Malabrigo possibly more than Blue Moon.

I also finally completed the quilt for Kikkan (pronounced Keekan), my fomer boss's new baby. It turned out great and she loved it! Well, actually she was screaming, but mom loved it!

I think this brings us up to date on my knitting life. Still nothing on the new place because it's too messy for pictures (STILL). I'm getting sick of it, but clearly not sick enough to do anything about it. Although I've started losing things due to constantly picking things up and setting them down someplace else (no not where they belong)... maybe that will motivate me to finish organizing soon. Incidentally, does anyone know where I could find an adjustable height coffee table - i.e. one that I could turn into a dining table? There is an antique style called Castro tables, but I've never actually seen one. My internet searching has turned up several articles on such a creature, but no insight as to where I could actually buy one.

March 12, 2008


Argyle is so pretty!

There will be crazy ends to weave in

Knitting it on the bus is NOT a good idea!

It's like pirates take over my knitting on the bus! And have I untangled it? Ha! That will take wine and I have no wine. Ice cream will have to suffice... call if I don't make it to work tomorrow.

March 7, 2008

I'm coming back, I swear!

Pictures of Stitches purchases and the sweet new apartment will be here someday... I hope sooner than later. Please hold for a time when Diana's back to normal. Thank you!