March 29, 2008

Recycled Art Show

In case you don't know, in April at Sleeping Lady we put on the Recycled Art Show. Last year I made capris and a ruffly blouse from bed sheets. That was fun, but I couldn't do it again (although I've still got enough left of those sheets!) and I couldn't find a round table cloth w/ boarder design to make a circle skirt with. I figured I could get an old sweater at the GW to unravel, but spring isn't the time to raid it for heavy sweaters. Darn. Then I found myself at Ross... ok, I'm at Ross all the time looking for bargains on things I probably don't need. And when I was at Ross this time I saw this horrific sweater, BUT it's made of 60% wool, 22% silk, 11% alpaca, and 7% cashmere. How could I not buy that??? Especially at the low low price of $6.99!

Score! It feels delicious and is a good color - brown tweed w/ specks of all different colors.
I'd really like to knit it into a sweater, but I'm not sure I've got time for a whole sweater - only about 2 weeks. Hm.
Anyway I didn't take a picture of it before tearing it apart. I looked around online for one, but it must have been a really unpopular style cause I can't find any. It's designer too (oops?!) - Buffalo by David Bitton and retailed for $58 anywhere other than Ross...

As soon as it's dry I'll start knitting and see what kind of gauge I get. I'm assuming it's around worsted or heavy worsted weight... I haven't quite mastered what that means in the gauge world, but I'm thinking I'll try #9 needles. Though I've probably got a little while to figure it out since I don't expect it to dry immediately.

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