May 25, 2008

Sweater Fever

I decided to have a weekend for myself and Memorial Day Weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity! Saturday was spent manning Cashmere Cottage Yarn. How can I say no to a chance to work for yarn?! I thought I would get a bunch done in the sweater department, but after working on it non-stop on the bus for the last few weeks I was a little burned out. I did manage to teach myself to use the niddy noddy! I've made it to the 2nd half of the hood - the home stretch! Once the hood is done it's time for blocking and assembling! YAY.

Clearly I'm sick of the sweater as I decided to stash some more sock yarn using my store credit. I'm thinking that Socketta will be really nice as it's 45% cotton, so I'm assuming it will be a little cooler than the nearly 100% wool guys I've done before. Can you find it in the stash? I didn't realize what it was like until I tried to put it in the drawer! Time to get busy on the stashed yarn, I guess!

Rounding out my personal weekend were going to the races in Ephrata last night and then watching my friend kayak near Dryden.

This morning, though, I sat on the couch and watched 4 hours of America's Next Top Model while knitting on the hood! After hardly knitting at all yesterday while working in a yarn store (what could be more inspiring?? Or maybe it's just really distracting) I kicked it into high gear this morning and was able to get from the middle of one side over to the end of the decreases on the other. It's knit as one piece starting at the left shoulder and working over the top to the right shoulder. I may be tired of knitting on the sweater, but I still love it! I think I'm just done looking at brown yarn. Can't wait for some little variegated socks!

May 14, 2008


Ok, I've been knitting on the bus, yes. But I've also been going out on dates! Here is what I saw on such an occasion yesterday:

Wedge Mountain and Leavenworth, WA.
It's difficult to see, but the branch on the near left pine tree just above the trees in town is pointing at Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat (where I work) AND the Fisheries Resource Office (where Drew works).

And some flowers we picked along the way!
What is more adorable on a mountain date than a bouquet of flowers in your water bottle? Ranks right up there with wet grass and pine trees!

Lest you think I've gone all starry eyed, behold sheep!

The lambs aren't sure what to do with the collie, but Tess is very sweet and trains them with almost no nipping

Then we watched Sue spin for a few minutes. I'm still learning by osmosis at the moment, but maybe someday I'll learn to spin, too!

This is the yarn shop we went to in Ellensburg. I guess I should tell you what I was up to - on Monday I went with almost 50 other knitters around North Central Washington checkin' out fibers! We started at Cashmere Cottage Yarn, ate breakfast at the Anjou Bakery, then off to Fiber Trends, on to Ellensburg for the sheep farm, Dancing Ewe Yarns & Teas, & Dakota Cafe for lunch, and we finished our tour at Icicle Ridge Winery.

Here look at Ellensburg!

May 6, 2008

One Smart Cookie

Well, 3 smart cookies, really. Behold the graduates!

I couldn't be more proud of them! Kate, Clark, and Mikaela.
Congratulations and now you get to start new lives!

As if a weekend of college graduation wasn't enough - see the grannies on swings!
Grandma Dorie

Grandma Gerri

I hope this is how I remember my grandmas! They can be so unpredictable :)

After all that I couldn't have asked for much more. But I got to go antiquing w/ G. Gerri Monday afternoon instead of working. Then this morning I found these:

There was no name as to who they are from, but I deduced that they are from the nice guy I met recently. Man is he winning points or what? So sweet!