May 6, 2008

One Smart Cookie

Well, 3 smart cookies, really. Behold the graduates!

I couldn't be more proud of them! Kate, Clark, and Mikaela.
Congratulations and now you get to start new lives!

As if a weekend of college graduation wasn't enough - see the grannies on swings!
Grandma Dorie

Grandma Gerri

I hope this is how I remember my grandmas! They can be so unpredictable :)

After all that I couldn't have asked for much more. But I got to go antiquing w/ G. Gerri Monday afternoon instead of working. Then this morning I found these:

There was no name as to who they are from, but I deduced that they are from the nice guy I met recently. Man is he winning points or what? So sweet!

1 comment:

xstitcher said...

how romantic are the flowers! :) aww. the vase is really pretty too.

and that's awesome your bro and mikaela graduated! crazy! i love the picture of grandma gerri on the swing!