July 22, 2010

Not Just Any Goat

It's that time of year when it's too damn hot to be outside, so I pack up the essentials and head into the woods. Is it cooler? A little... I just love to get out and explore the wilderness.
I have 3 travel goals:
  1. See all of our national parks
  2. See all of Washington's state parks
  3. Hike in all of Washington's wilderness areas
I won't say where I'm at with them so far as it's probably pretty pathetic... I need to get a couple of maps to mark up. Then I can start a game plan for the future!

This weekend Martha and I are off to Barclay and Eagle Lakes (probably). Getting ready...

July 13, 2010

baby hat

This much cuteness is hard to resist.

July 10, 2010

Still Knitting

Clearly I'm not into regular blogging. No matter. Life happens and blogging fits in wherever it does.
Robin's step-MIL asked me to make a hat for her granddaughter. I made this hat for R&J's daughter, Charlotte, in the spring and Cindy loved it and was inspired to request more. The one I'm making for Cindy's gd is pretty much nothing like Charlotte's. I hope she anticipated a bit of artistic license. The guidelines I received were "multicolored and pink". This definitely fits :) If she wanted something different, this will go to one of the other adorable baby girls currently making my heart melt!

I never knew baby things would be so rewarding! I knew they were fast, just didn't realize how much fun it is to knit for others.

January 24, 2010

Hello out there!

I'd like to apologize for extreme blog-silence and say I'll do my best to keep on top of this, but I'm not going to commit to something I probably won't do. I will say that I will at least check in more often and show off what I'm up to :)
Right now I'm up to gifty things, so can't show it all off... one of my best friends' birthdays is this Tuesday, so I knit something for her and will get it in the mail Monday. Chances are good it will arrive on Tuesday, but Wednesday is ok, too. No pictures until after she gets them!
Gifty thing 2 is a baby Viking helmet hat for Baby Lee who is due in just a couple of weeks!!! So far I know Baby Lee will be a girl, so she gets the version called Brunhilde which has wings on the sides and braids... sickeningly cute! The hat part is nearly done, so by the time I hit post on this, you will have a picture of that, braids and wings will come soon.

I also plan to make Baby Lee a couple of other things - possibly another hat, Miittens, and if I get really ambitious, I'd like to sew her a little dress, but I'm not sure yet. I have grand ideas of projects, but the amount of time I actually have to make things is rather limited. (which reminds me, I need a benefactor who will fund my current lifestyle without me working)
Moving on and speaking of working... my boss turns 40 this week and she is happily celebrating in HI. We are jealous and happy for her and will be hosting a pot luck for her upon her return. A pot luck made up of soft foods so her new old self won't have to chew too much :) I'm planning to make a s'mores cake because you don't have to chew cake too much, it looks amazing in Taste of HOme, and she likes camping! I'm also planning to decorate her office, he he he. I'm sure you know where that is going!
Finally, I'm knitting Bubble Socks. And here are the beginnings... super cute pattern, but I'm way off on gauge, so this is round 2. They should go pretty quick since pattern gauge is 9 sts/inch and I'm at 6.5 sts/inch!

P.S. Thank you to my Hermit for reminding me that I have a blog...