April 29, 2008

In April I...

Got quite a bit done on my sweater.

Saw the world's smallest Rhododendron.

Tested all of my camping gear (well, not the tent) in the living room.

Had my very best friend over for the weekend.

And conquered a mountain.

Well, and met a really cute, nice boy, but he hasn't been around quite long enough to be snapping pictures and putting them on the internet. I like him! I don't want to scare him away! Although when it's done I'll post a picture of the soapstone pendant he carved for me. It's beautiful and such a surprise!!

April 19, 2008

For Xstitcher

I guess my grandma was telling my cousin, x-stitcher, about my projects from when I was in CA. I don't know that I properly posted them before...
Anyway, Rachel, here are some things I've done, but haven't posted!

Socks that I finished... uh... in June :)

And their fancy stitch pattern

Socks I finished while I was at Grandma's house

Nice lace stitches & eye-of-partridge heel

I think there are others, but this is what I've got pictures of at the moment. More of the sweater will come soon, too!

April 16, 2008

It doesn't get any better

That's right, the best smell in the world is:
wet grass & pine trees
Mornings at work make me want to quit for the summer and work at camp again. It makes me so happy I could almost cry!

Being a left handed knitter is a challenge when making a cardigan. For me the left front is actually the right and vice versa. I'd really like for it to button properly, but the directions just say to space the buttonholes evenly. It recommends that you mark on the left front where you'll put the buttons then make buttonholes at those marks on the right front. Well, if I'm actually knitting the right front then I need to use my math brain to calculate where the buttonholes belong.
Do you know when I realized this?
After I'd already had 2 glasses of wine.
Fortunately 2 glasses of wine is not enough for me to make rash decisions. So I did the only thing that makes any sense when you can't knit because you've had too much wine, but you've still got enough sense left to realize that attempting to knit is a bad idea.
I had a third glass of wine.

April 11, 2008


Is it spring yet?

I went to town on the sweater, but it still won't be done in time for the show.
So I've started this
It's a cable tube that will get closed up at the bottom, a lining and handles. It's based on the Chinese Charm Bag from S'n'B, but I'm using the cable pattern from the sweater. I am really liking it and I think I'll put it up for sale and see if anybody else likes it :)

I skied last weekend at Mt. Baker w/ Caitlin. I demoed Salomon Guns. They were fun times and completely changed my outlook on twin tips! I'm 90% sure I'll be buying some this summer. Just have to get something a little more girly than dark blue and gray w/ skulls and ravens... and hey! when I've got that option, I need to take advantage!

Then we went to the North Fork Beer Shrine on the way home

and found this!
I present the long lost Blues Sister, Caitlin.

April 1, 2008

Take 2

I realized after I got through 1 repeat of the cables on the back that I had a small math error in calculating gauge. I knew it looked too tight, but it took me about 24 hours to rationalize what happened.

Ah, now we are onto take 2 and it's not going faster, but it's looking much better! I love how it's working up, but I don't think it's going to be done in time for the show :( So for the show I'm thinking of whipping up the fat bottom bag from S'n'B Happy Hooker.

This is what has happened to my coffee table (... trunk). I suspect it will only get worse since Ross still had a couple of sweaters when I was there over the weekend and I will probably buy at least one more. You know, just in case.