November 18, 2007

Startitis Weekend

I don't remember having startitis quite so bad in the past. This weekend took the cake for any other time I've been like this!
The 2nd Endpaper Mitt is driving me crazy because it won't knit itself. Current Progress: I just started the thumb shaping, so it's about 1/2 done - maybe 4-5 more hours of knitting?

Yesterday Fiber Trends had a warehouse retail sale. SWEET! Fiber Trends. Largest pattern distributor in the US. Based in EAST-freakin-WENATCHEE. Mere BLOCKS from my own house?! Who knew "local" would ever be that local?? For those of you that love fiber trends, but don't live in the valley... You missed out! As patrons of local yarn shops (all 3 of them) we were given an entry ticket and then free to buy up loads of items at discounted prices. Here are my winnings:
1. 2 skeins of Naturally Tussock 14ply in red to remake the Squatty Sidekick because after I got it good and felted, now it's too small...
2. 1 skein of Haven in lavender to make the cable hat from this pattern
3. I built my own Huggable Hedgehog Kit, but God forbid I make it look "natural," so I chose these colors:
It's not a tremendous lot of damage, but I still didn't need any of it!

Continuing on, since it was startitis weekend, I present these:
It's difficult to see the definition (could have something to do with then being still wet). They are the coriolis & sky arch practice socks from Cat Bordhi's crazy sock book. I think I might use my rock-toe-ber tofutsies in one of these patterns instead of the cable pattern that came with the yarn.

Friday I went and had my hair done, it's got red in it and I love that!

Then I found this:
I completely forgot about it! I knit it last winter because we were selling one just like it in the gift shop and I couldn't live without it. It's basket weave with a huge pom pom on top :)

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KnitNana said...

Glad to have you join in the fun for Pay It you have to post that to YOUR blog, you know! :)
How is the Hedgehog coming along? I've made 3 (am on my 4th) but haven't felted any of them yet - so I can do them all at once!