November 9, 2007

More Yarn on the Way

I think I mentioned yesterday that the stash yarn I was showing off is by no means stash-limiting. So I thought I should tell you (since I forgot about it) that I ordered some more yarn a couple of days ago. The Yarn Harlot made this adorable hat and I decided I couldn't live without it! So I bought 2 skeins of the suggested yarn, one to make the hat for my cousin for x-mas and 1 for myself. For Jenna (cousin) I got black cause she's like that and for myself I got Saratoga. I wish I had a reason to make more than 2 of these because the colorways that Blue Moon has available are all so beautiful! So many, in fact that I had to go and look at Saratoga again to remember what it looked like! Love. MUST.HAVE.NOW!

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