November 8, 2007

How did it get to be November?

I guess I need to get on this blog thing... I'm not good at staying up to date!

Since I wrote last, Halloween happened, and not much more knitting than had been done before. Here are some new pictures!

I completed the lamby hat for a co-worker to wear on Halloween - she sells them in the gift shop at work, but only in baby sizes, so that's where I come in! It's made using 2 skeins of Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille and crocheted using an I hook and popcorn stitch throughout.

And this is what happened to me on Halloween. I didn't make any of it, but it was fast and cheap! (And sideways... I'm so sorry! I can't make it work right! Just imagine 80's prom date...)

I've made some progress on the Panda Cotton socks. Though, due to major busyness lately they're not done yet :(

Here is a project I wasn't even prepared for when I wrote my last entry! It's Amanda's Squaty Sidekick from Knitting Daily. It knit up and mostly felted in 1 afternoon. SWEET! Felting isn't quite done, but I've got time. It's out of Cascade 220 and knit on size 10's. I think the pattern called for 10.5's...

No update on the mitts yet, also :( because I The weather turned cold a few days ago and now I need cute things to keep warm with!
Also, the Summer Daze tofutsies socks are done and I gave them to my best friend before taking finished product pictures! Ah well, they look like socks.
But in the spirit of not finishing projects, I present some stash pictures. (Understand that this is by no means the limit of my stash, but only things that I've gotten lately that have projects in mind...)
1. Rock-toe-ber Tofutsies. It's green and black - as if you could tell!

Rowan Scottish Tweed for a scarf to be sold for breast cancer research. Chicks on Sticks Ski Race in Leavenworth, WA will be selling pink scarves to raise money. They'll sell for $20 each. Let me know if you're interested in pitching in! I love this kind of stuff :)

Finally, some non knitting... I suppose my blog name is a little misleading as I also sew. Here is my beautious quilt fabric! I'm not usually into quilting, but I fell in love with this quilt on Craftster, so had to get started on my own. Love the material, but it's taking forever!

P.S. New needles! Should have been 4 sets, but the ones I wanted to use *immediately* arrived broken. Sad day. As if I don't have enough projects on the needles or in line... They are Knit Picks Harmony in size 0 & 2 (the 1's are missing) and Lantern Moon in size 10. I LOVE the Lantern Moons! They knit the squaty sidekick like they were made for each other!

Someday I will use natural lighting for picture taking and you might be able to tell what color everything is :) That's All for Now!

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Hermit said...

Your best friend loves her socks. Perhaps she will take a picture of them for you to post! Miss you much and love the new blog!! :)