October 13, 2007

Pizza, Knitting, and some pictures!

I have just cooked a delicious pizza (3rd go and it's still amazing!)

I highly recommend this recipe for crust. It's yeast free, but that is because I have no yeast in the house... but it tastes just fine and no need to rise!
I make it with chicken, artichoke hearts, cheese, and ranch instead of regular sauce. This latest version was made without cheese, since I don't have any of that at the moment, either. It's a sad kitchen I keep... though when your kitchen looks something like this:

You should be amazed that I didn't just call Pizza Hut! Incidentally, the roommate had some friends over to party before driving to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest.

Oh, and you want to see what I've been knitting on and telling you about? I now present, pictures of CraftyCoug's knitting!

The lovely Summer Daze from tofutsies Sock Club (August installment). There isn't a shot of the completed project as I forgot to take one before gifting them to my best friend

Panda Cotton socks for another good friend in Nasturtiums

And the Endpaper Mitts - I love how they're turning out! I just wish they would knit themselves while I worked on all of these other projects!


DrLaura said...

hey nice socks! (mitt too)
i'm laura 'sockguru' for crystal palace yarns, and i'd love to post your pic on our blog and link to you! please let me know?
blessings, :L

AlisonH said...

That pizza is making me hungry--it looks great! And so do the socks and that mitt. I'm glad you've got your picturetaking back up!