September 26, 2007

Starting Out

The first is always the hardest right? Cause you haven't gotten your routine down. So I suppose everyone should just ignore this guinea pig of blogs!

However, since someone might read it, I will post something about myself.

I'm an avid knitter that sews sometimes
I live in the Wenatchee Valley (find a map of Washington State and put your finger dead in the middle - that's where I live)
I love avocados
I downhill ski
I plan to teach small children to ski again this winter
I want to carpool to work just so I can knit on the way
I started knitting when I was in 2nd grade, I think
I'm left handed
I work in accounting at Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat
My mom taught me to sew by following lines on paper - just needle, no thread
I love the snow, but not being cold
I have been called a crow for loving all things sparkly
To my best friend I am a goat

Enough about me. A bit about my projects for now:
You can find me on Ravelry (I'm CraftyCoug there, as well)
I'm into knitting socks lately
But I plan to knit Snow White
I'm also going to knit Endpaper Mitts - I got all the way through 1 and then tore it all out
My perpetual project is the mitered square blanket using Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Blush

1 comment:

Chris S. said...

Welcome to the land of blog, I found you through the Yarn Harlot. I'm sure it's tough starting out, but you made a good beginning IMHO. Will watch for more entries and pics. Good luck!