January 29, 2009

Winter is still here

How to tell if your skin is dry:
flaky skin
brittle nails
cracking lips
Kinda sounds like side effects of drugs advertised on TV! I only know they're not since I'm not taking any of them...

dry winter air
heaters recirculating said dry air

drink lots of water
boil water or use a humidifier
become a Snowbird and move temporarily to Florida

It's been cold and dry and almost without snow for all of January. It's getting old! Someday it will be June!


xstitcher said...

It's soo dry here. It only gets "cold" at night, but it is warm during the days. However it looks like I am wearing a lip stain because my lips are soo chapped! Ouch :( I also freaking hate excema. Hate it! But I get it all the time. And another problem, I don't like wearing lotion, I feel greasy, dirty and gross, but lotion smells good...the dilema. *sigh* Even I want June!!!

Anonymous said...

(won't let me log in! it's rachel!) sounds like grandma is trying to make everyone feel bad. it's a long story. but yeah...don't feel guilty! When do you plan on coming down!? I have four day weekends and i am sure I can spare some hours! Just let me know so I can put it in my planner! haha things are getting busy quickly! haha. And yes i can make your boss a coffee monster! what colors??