January 25, 2009

Sunday Crafternoon

I busted out the sewing machine yesterday. Finally! I made that needle case and I love it! It fits all of my needles perfectly and has just the right number of pockets for different sizes. The top pockets are too close to the top for needles, so they can hold other notions. I didn't end up using the brown floral, but I'm totally in love with the green and white and the birds! THE BIRDS!

I just started the Husky hat for Mikael. Kris did an awesome job dying and it is going to work perfectly for the pattern. I'm just doing a basic hat pattern from My Knitter's Handy Guide to Patterns. The colors seem to be stacking alternately with almost no pooling or overlap of the same color - maybe less than 5 stitches at a time.

If these pictures are terrible, I'm sorry. The sun is out and it's been in hiding for the last EON, so I had to acknowledge it.


xstitcher said...

i need your e-mail. I have a cute little picture i want to send you but it won't let me post it on here. :) Thanks!

xstitcher said...

the contest was for www.sublimestitching.com in their customer gallery you can see all the entries.

I have never entered a contest before! This contest was to create the smallest mini monogram pillow that was appealing and pretty. The winners in my opinion were kinda ugly, but they were more creative than mine! soo now I know what they look for! haha. They have random embroidery contests from time to time. Fun!

sending you the yarn puppet right now yay!

Ryan said...

Very cute! Do you know how much people PAY for those things? And here you are just whipping one up! I am very impressed.

xstitcher said...

Hey! Don't feel bad about grandma, she is good a making people feel guilty lately. haha. whatever! Yeah, I can spare a few hours!!! Just make sure to let me know what day you want to hang out, I have a roomate that will be in SF March 6-8 so I need to schedule her in too! :) Yay fun stuff that keeps me busy! So are you going to the yarn thing then?