January 21, 2009

I suck at not buying yarn...

But I have an excuse this time!
Apparently I should never have said that not buying yarn would be really easy because I have a ton already. I do have more than enough, that much is true. What I don't have is enough amazing soft yarn and in the right colors for people I know being diagnosed with Leukemia. At the moment there are 2 and they are both in high school. The only way I can say a big "FU" to this horrible thing is to knit hats for chilly heads. I know about the chilly head part, but I can't relate on any level the trials associated with chemo therapy.
One of the symphony members I used to play with is one of these affected kids. She had quite possibly the worst Christmas last year - she caught a cold or something otherwise very mild and due to having no immune system it nearly killed her. She is doing better now and has taken a few steps across her room at Children's Hospital in Seattle, but this is nearly a month later. I don't know her very well and I don't want to seem like some sympathetic outsider, but I think she will appreciate it.
I bought this for her. The symphony manager told me she says her favorite colors are "Hawaiian colors." I'm pretty sure I like those, too, so I'm just hoping that our idea of Hawaiian colors are similar :)
Now I am thinking of how to say nice things to her w/o sounding sappy and lame while still being heartfelt and sincere. I suppose, though, if she can face chemo thereapy and mutant colds, I can at least find a way to say "good luck!"


Geek Knitter said...

That yarn doesn't count as stash, not at all. As for what to say, just let her know you're thinking about her. Any words of compassion will do the trick.

xstitcher said...

man, seems like there are many people going through tough times right now. A girl in my grad program and I became fast friends last semester. We had ever class together. School started today and found out her father passed away of a massive heart attack. She was home alone with him and stuff. I am trying to help in whatever way I can without being overly sensitive and mushy. blah. it's hard dealing with difficult situations.....but i think whatever we do will be appreciated!

PS. the yarn is totally hawaiian colored! pretty!