June 19, 2008

Junuary Sweater

I guess the only thing good about Junuary is that it might actually be cool enough to warrant a big thick wool sweater such as:
However at the moment it's over 80° inside and that doesn't really make me want to wear this bad boy at all! Might have to wait for JAnuary...
I love it!! See?

Well, ok, the buttons aren't so good, but they will be changed. I would love to be better at choosing buttons, but it's like choosing a good birthday card. It can take me HOURS. Will need to get Martha's crafty eyes :)

Quick Specs:
Pattern: Cable Sweater; Knit.1; Spring 07
Size: Small body, large sleeves (I don't have twig arms, ok?)
Yarn: 60% wool, 22% silk, 11% alpaca, 7% cashmere; it's something I scavenged at Ross, so not really available. However, the original designer was David Bitton and it started it's life as a rectangle w/ sleeves and a hood... snag as many as you can if you find them
Approximate Quantity: 1 original sweater
Needles: 6US Addi Lace (started w/ 6US Clovers, but I wore the points off)
Time: 2.5 months
Damn I'm good!

Oh, Drew and I also hike in style. I proposed a night hike on Saturday to christen my new pack. We went along Ingles Creek for about 1 mile, threw out our sleeping pads and bags, and promptly drank a bottle of wine (note unbreakable wine glasses!) and ate 1/2 a box of grapes. Perfect Saturday night :)


timreh said...

pretty much adorable... both the sweater and the couple :)

Anonymous said...

Hey its the cousin rachel! your sweater is amazing! the hood alone! my god! I just saw your mom!!! she stopped by our house today! see you soon!!