July 20, 2008


In my absence I've mostly been out in the woods being eaten by mosquitoes. Subsequently no pictures as I couldn't stop long enough to get my camera out. Otherwise I've been knitting a bit. I finished a pair of Jaywalkers in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie - Fairgrounds. I don't think they make the colorway anymore, but I bought it at Stitches West. I've got them on right now and they are SOFT!

I attempted to knit them once in just plain knit, but the way the colors pooled was awful. Thank goodness for patterns :)

I've also been working on a baby blanket for a coworker. It's one of those center start square ones. Only trouble is that you can't tell at all what it looks like on the needles. The yarn is BIGBaby by Muench Yarns; acrylic so it's perfect for babies and it's all squishy and comfy!

Oh, I found some pictures from camping. These are from the 4th of July hike that Drew and I went on - up 4th of July Creek, camped on top of Icicle Ridge for 2 nights, then down Icicle Ridge. It was way more intense than I probably should have done, but it was fun, nonetheless!

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