April 19, 2008

For Xstitcher

I guess my grandma was telling my cousin, x-stitcher, about my projects from when I was in CA. I don't know that I properly posted them before...
Anyway, Rachel, here are some things I've done, but haven't posted!

Socks that I finished... uh... in June :)

And their fancy stitch pattern

Socks I finished while I was at Grandma's house

Nice lace stitches & eye-of-partridge heel

I think there are others, but this is what I've got pictures of at the moment. More of the sweater will come soon, too!

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Just had to come by and leave a comment after your reminder on TMK's diabetes blog that you were the outgoing and sweet knitter we met in Cashmere last year!

I hear lots of stories about how TMK's mother has become a regular at the Cashmere yarn store. So glad we could suck her in to our world. I always thought she had the soul of a knitter; she just needed a little encouragement!

Yes, we are off to see Stephanie this evening. She's always so funny!

Hope to see you again sometime soon. I know TMK will be in Cashmere this weekend, but she'll be too busy to drop by. Then both of us will be there in May. We'll have to see if we can squeeze a yarn-store visit in!