August 29, 2009

Knitting and Music

Last night I went out to see these guys play. They are called Ravinwolf aka Jamie & Heather.

They are such nice people and I love their music, so it's perfect :) Well, except for the weird guy old enough to be my dad that asked me to dance at least 3 times. I finally said, "You just don't get it, do you? I'm not interested!" His response, "I'm just asking you to dance. I'm sorry." Dude, you've asked me several times and I've said no each time... He also told me about how he coached his kids' baseball teams, his ex-wife, how his mom used to crochet doilies, and his poetry. It's too bad that he's lonely, but if I'm knitting at the bar and talking to the band I'm probably not overly interested in dancing with people twice my age...
In other news, I'm thisclose to being done with my Go Cougs socks! And in plenty of time for the kickoff of Cougar Football in Seattle on September 12th.
I'm going to finish my brunch of home fries w/ garlic and sour cream, then finish those socks and do a bunch of sewing. (I said I should sew last weekend and I definitely didn't... my excuse is that the lining fabric needed to be washed, dried, and ironed and by the time it came out of the dryer it was way too hot to iron and by the time it had cooled off enough to iron it was way too late to cut. Good news is it's all cut and ready now!)

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Shelley said...

I got a new phone and I dont have yours either, my # is new wiht my new phone anyway! 393 9512
I leave for Spokane Sept 10th!