July 19, 2009

What happens on Saturday...

when you get a cat on Monday and finish some socks on Friday?

This is Topaz, the not so innocent.

I'm not sure if he hugs the fan because it's hot or because he's weird. He's generally sweet, but causes his share of havoc during the day. His antics range from jumping on the desk to drink plant water to chewing anything wool (he must think my apartment is some kind of gold mine...)


Pandora's Box of FIber said...

OMFG you got a cat?!?! When can I come visit you?!?!

TheUnicorn said...

You got a cat?!? Wow! Cool! He's so cute! Did you get him from the humane soc.? (I got a message from them a couple weeks ago that they had 181 cats and were gonna do an emergency adopt-a-thon w/$10 adoption fees...)

I guess if you can't darn that sock, it might hafta become a pedicure or flip-flop sock (can't believe I'm thinking that--I *hate* those socks!)...Heh, heh, welcome to the life of keeping your craft supplies and other prized possessions hidden from curious/naughty kitties ;^p