July 12, 2009

What do you do in eastern Montana?

I just spent a week vacationing in eastern MT and before I left Pandora's Slave asked, "What are you going to do there?" At the time I wasn't completely sure, but I knew it would be fun at least to see something completely new and different to what I know here in WA.
So here is a short list of things I did and a few pictures.
1. Camped, fished, and rafted on the Stillwater River
2. Visited Wild Purls. It's a really cute shop and I sat and knit for about 4 hours :)
3. Saw Pompey's Pillar where you can see Clark's (of the Lewis & Clark Expedition) signature carved in the sandstone. It's the only physical evidence left from their entire trek.
4. Stayed in one of the last towns in MT before ND, Glendive.
5. Saw the vastness of the Yellowstone River. It doesn't seem that big compared to the Columbia, but it's not dammed, so unlike the Columbia it's still a river and not essentially a long series of lakes.
6. Dug up clam shell and ammonite fossils. (I don't have pictures of mine, so google can show you...)
7. Went to Makoshika State Park to see the Bad Lands. It's almost like being on the moon, it's such a strange landscape!
7. Went to an Out Door Dance; aka live band and drinking outside next to a bar.
8. Rode the train home. For frame of reference on the size of the state of MT, it took me 11.5 hours to cross it by train...


Pandora's Box of FIber said...

awww, and you look like you got a lil color too!

Glad you had fun!

Wild Purls said...

We are glad you enjoyed Wild Purls. We loved having you and hope you'll venture back this way again. Montana is an amazing place with variety of landscape and people hard to find anywhere else in the US.