December 20, 2008

I <3 Winter!

It snowed finally! It started just over a week ago and is snowing steadily right now. After unburying my car and driving a bit yesterday and today, it's now buried again! It's also been extremely cold - the predicted low for tonight is 11°, but last week that was practically a heat wave! Nights were in the single digits and days not above 20°. In light of cold and snow I've had nothing to do but knit :)
The Christmas knitting is all done except for something for Drew.
I'll talk about those things later...
I just finished the button band for the purple sweater and the collar is up for tonight or tomorrow depending on how I feel. My wrists and elbows are a little tired from feverish knitting for the last several hours! I knit solid while watching Doctor Zhivago with only 1 bathroom break and intermission when I made hot chocolate. It was good and I was surprised I sat through it all as I often get bored in 2 hour movies, let alone one over 3 hours! Anyway I don't know that I paid close enough attention to fully understand it, but knitting happened and that's important, too.
I'm hoping to finalize Christmas shopping tomorrow; hopefully my car won't be frozen! I at least need to drive it Monday morning so I can take it in for a few last repairs.
Currently on the Needles:
German Waffle Socks

Pop Up Mittens

The Purple Sweater

Up Next:
First Dying Experiment
Kate and I plan to do Amused as a KAL. She bought us the supplies for dying for my birthday, so I'm excited to do that! We will spend at least a full day together after Christmas knitting and making our own yarn :)

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timreh said...

this is a flyby "i love you" message. cause i do. a lot. you're amazing.