December 29, 2008

Baked Potatoes & Bagel Sandwiches

... and Christmas and knitting. Since I got home from my parents' house for Christmas I've been trying to avoid grocery shopping and realized that I've got bagels and potatoes, so I'm eating those before going to the store. Though I will need some laundry money soon...
Christmas was a great time being virtually snowed in with the family and getting to see a couple of really good old friends. I received many amazing gifts from family such as a Victoria's Secret robe from the brother & SIL which I practically refuse to take off. Damn working AT work. If I worked from home I would live in this thing. But then again if I worked from home I would never work. Ok, moving on. Grandpa sent up a scale model of the table he's building for me! It's 1/4 scale, so will be a big, beefy, craftsman-esque table when done. See, pictures with some items for size.

My parents gave me a really pretty cake stand. My mom said she bought it last year, but since I was sharing a duplex and had a tiny kitchen that I hated cooking in she saved it for this year. Of course now I have no place to put it because my kitchen is considerably smaller... Ah well, it's beautiful!

My cousin Tessa gave me some nice bathroom things and a couple of stuffies that I believe her sister, Rachel, made. One is an owl and the other is a racoon. I may have requested them... :)

In other news I did not get to see Kate or Kerry while home due to psycho snow. I DID get to see my 2 best friends from many years earlier. Kayte and I realized that we've never gone out together when we've even been able to DRIVE, let alone drink! So we took care of both Saturday night. Then Sunday I went to lunch w/ Kris and we discovered that we're both crazy fanatical knitters. I am still in shock over it, but she said it correctly when she said we were meant to be soulmates. It couldn't be more true! Yay. Mostly I'm glad to know that my old besties are still there and despite a few years of not seeing each other we still have plenty in common. :)

I've been knitting on Amused. Kate put me up to it and she's nearly done! Mine currently looks like a blob w/ some cables. It's nice to work on something w/ big needles. I'm also bus knitting the waffle socks. One is done and due to the magic and bendiness of wire coat hangers it does not look like a blob.

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xstitcher said...

Yay for crafts and christmas! :) I did make the racoon :) you knew that already! My mom made the owl. We thought they made a nice woodland pair! I love the table grandpa is making you! He showed me a the prototype a while ago, but it was all in pieces! Can't wait to see the real thing.