October 27, 2008

Winter is coming

I'm listening to some feel good Sublime and thought blogging might be a good idea! I finished Cruella DeVille and tested out my alter ego. Other than forgetting my cigarette holder (and to take any pictures) I was pretty damn good! I think we'll go out again this weekend, so I will post pictures later. Sufice it to say that no one had any idea who I really was. I also had a revelation - the dress I made will TOTALLY morph into a Mortisha costume next year! I just need to make a witchy coat and get a long black wig. Sweet.
Let us move back to the whole purpose of this blog: knitting. I'm motoring on through the Sideways Spencer for the 2nd time. I am finally completely sick of it, but I'm on the home stretch. Check it out:
I can try it on and it looks vaguely like it's supposed to :) The plethera of ends on the right arm will be woven in (OMG on closer inspection they are practically invisible!) - probably with a few glasse of wine. They are the result of tearing out version.1 and not puting it back together exactly the same way in version.2. And it's mostly cotton, so can't just felt the ends together. Bummer. It was going to be perfect for last month, but now I will have a cute little sweater to wear in the office or at home, but definitely won't cut it outside for much longer! I'd love to have it done by the end of the month, but that's a pretty steep request.
P.S. I love my hats!

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xstitcher said...

your knitting is crazy!! it looks soo complicated...it hurts my brain looking at it. I wouldn't even know where to begin with a sweater like that! haha. I haven't even finished my cross-stitch pumpkin in time for halloween! DARN! So he is now a jack-o-thanksgiving-latern hahaha. :) I wish I could come to SD but I have 6 weeks left of school which = pure hell. haha. hope to see u soon though! any plans to visit SJ?