October 5, 2008

Jogging Along

Hurray! It's birthday month! Apparently this month will be the turning point for me when I can no longer say I am "young"... well according to Robin, anyway. I'm not sure I believe her :)
Christmas knitting is going well. I've finished 3 hedgehogs and 1.5 gloves. I found out that gloves are really simple! I always expected that doing all of those fingers would be complete agony. In fact, they are easier than socks since they are so much smaller and fingers are way easier and less intimidating than turning the heel.
On the sock front, I've finished my first full man version. I used Cat Bordhi's Upstream Master Pattern. I'm confident that her craziness will pay off, but truth be told, Drew hasn't tried it on yet. I've got my fingers crossed for good measure. The bad news on the man sock front is that I now know that I need about 200g of yarn for them. I had planned to make socks for Max, but I know now that I may not even be able to turn the heel with the yarn that I bought. I've only got 100g and he wears a size 13!! (Drew wears a 10.5 and using 150g of heavy sock yarn I only managed a 3" cuff) This really means that I've got yarn to make something for someone else. I'm thinking I'll use it to make some gloves or mitts.

For Halloween I'm planning to be Cruella DeVille. Yesterday I got the rest of the supplies - black satin for her dress, white faux fur w/ red satin lining for her coat & purse, 2 tone wig, and (of utmost importance) the cigarette holder. I've already got some red shoes, but they're not terribly witchy, so I may keep my eyes open for the next few weeks.

Robin and I went to SunDog Bead Co. yesterday and made tree pendants. They are really fun and eventually I may have my own lifetime's supply of tree pendants! Be prepared that everyone may end up with one over the next few birthdays and Christmases :)

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Shelley said...

Oohhh I want to follow your blog! I did not know you had one! But I can't figure out how to follow it :(