January 9, 2008

Another Unoriginal Hat

Look! One for me. It's a bit tight, but still cute!

I am going to knit another out of Manos Del Uruguay. It will either be a sample for the shop or I'll teach a class. A cable class, really. The owners had the idea and thought a cable class taught by a "young person" would be fun. I agree :)

I made stew today in my new crock pot. LOVE IT. I love stew and now I can make it while I'm working. What could be better? You're right, nothing!
Oh, no.
There is 1 thing: eating stew while drinking Boones Farm, knitting, and watching girly movies with my hermit!

1 comment:

Hermie! said...

aaaaa-men, sista! -and that better be sooner than later!!!