July 10, 2010

Still Knitting

Clearly I'm not into regular blogging. No matter. Life happens and blogging fits in wherever it does.
Robin's step-MIL asked me to make a hat for her granddaughter. I made this hat for R&J's daughter, Charlotte, in the spring and Cindy loved it and was inspired to request more. The one I'm making for Cindy's gd is pretty much nothing like Charlotte's. I hope she anticipated a bit of artistic license. The guidelines I received were "multicolored and pink". This definitely fits :) If she wanted something different, this will go to one of the other adorable baby girls currently making my heart melt!

I never knew baby things would be so rewarding! I knew they were fast, just didn't realize how much fun it is to knit for others.

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Pandora's Box of FIber said...

Welcome to the club. To my credit, I am always knitting for other people. :) Rewarding, isn't it?