February 22, 2009

Hey Cupcake

We are having a gala w/ our symphony concert tonight and the members were asked to bring some "sweet treats." Since I love baking mini cupcakes I'm totally in! I haven't gotten to experiment enough w/ icing, so I went to town making little music notes on each one! I had leftover lemon butter cream from the last time I baked cupcakes, so I whipped up some chocolate icing to frost them w/ then put the notes on that. I just hope they are small enough that you don't get a weird taste of lemon w/ the chocolate. But if they do, oh well! I'm sure people will love them since they're completely adorable :)

My cupcake book also has a recipe for making rolled fondant and petal past. In the future I need to test those for really making sugar toppings. They require liquid gelatin, though, which my little grocery store down the street almost definitely doesn't have! I did find that my new tea strainer doubles really well as a sifter. I've been trying to find ways of not using a sifter since I neither have one nor a place to put one if I got one... The tea strainer method is a bit slow, but gets the job done! It's not like I'm making mini cupcakes for an army anyway.


xstitcher said...

these are adorable!!!! love love love the music notes!

xstitcher said...

Hey! Sorry to hear about you and drew. :/ lame, even more lame that you bought a rod and have no one to use it with!!

I am sure my dad would love to take you fishing! He has been making flies, he made some ladybug ones that are practical and cute! haha. He is on business right now, I will ask him what he is doing next weekend to make sure!

And of course I can still get you from the airport. I think I wrote down 1:30 in my planner. When you get a chance let me know what airline you are flying to I can be there :) Yay! I am excited to see you!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

So adorable! Love-love-love your blog! Thanks for popping by my blog! You need to put a blog followers gadget on your blog so that I can follow it!!! :D