September 4, 2008

Oh yeah, argyles!

I haven't actually forgotten about my argyles that I was so excited about a few months ago. I finished the argyle part and then blocked them. They're not on the Christmas gift list, so I don't plan on doing much with them for a little while still, but they're pretty awesome looking :)

In other news, I'm watching "My House is Worth What?!" and this guy living in a 750 sq ft convertible studio just had it valued at THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS!!! It has NO LAND. My parents' house is worth approximately that much and it's 2400 sq ft on a half acre!!! I will never be able to own anything. Rich people suck. I have a hard time with a lot of conspiracy theory type politics, but the notion that the upper class is crushing the middle class is becoming abundantly apparent. I suppose if I had the job I have in NYC, though, I'd probably be making at least 3 times what I make now. That still wouldn't allow me to buy a studio, though.

I need to mention some more knitting now since I can't think about my life potentially meaning less for very long. So here is another sock :) Sockotta in a pink colorway. As I said I don't totally love it, so I'm planning to gift them away. They're on size 2 knit picks harmonies w/ 6" cuff and standard heel flap heel. I learned my lesson w/ the eye of partridge method last time and this time I had no trouble w/ it scrunching up too much. I'm right on track for my typical amount of time required for sock knitting of one week per sock.

*MMMMMMMMMMMMM my neighbors are bbqing. Time to go drool!

P.S. here is the gang at Stitch & Pitch last month. Fun times worth repeating.


Ashley said...

I love the color choice for the argyle!! (And I love argyle in general, hehe)

KnitNana said...

HI! Would you email me? I have something to send you from Pay it Forward....