February 10, 2008

More startitis

I had startitis again this weekend. I took Friday morning off and thought I'd use that time to at least work on some existing project... HA! Not a chance. I started baby booties for a good friend's soon-to-be new addition, Eva Lorraine. Yes, Eva is a girl and I made her green booties! I know Mom likes green and I'm sure Dad will appreciate not having an entirely pink and purple wardrobe. Nevermind that I didn't have any pink yarn anyway! Now I know I can do argyle and it's so fun!
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport
Colors: Aquamarine, Grass, Butter
Needles: Susan Bates Silverado US #3
Pattern: my mom cut it out of what appears to be Good Housekeeping from the 70's or 80s

Friday afternoon I taught a class in knitting my version of the Unoriginal Hat! I thought for sure it would be easy and these ladies would be off and running on the cables after an hour and they wouldn't need to come back... Was I ever wrong? I started with the circular cast on (see last Lighter Circular Beginning) and thought they'd pick it up like I did... they didn't, it was pretty challenging, took at least 30 minutes and required a break in the middle. Then we got going a little and since 2 of them hadn't worked on dpns before (only worked in the round using the whole length of 1 circ) they couldn't believe that the strange looking mess they had in front of them would ever turn out like the sample in the window. After 2 hours of tedious slow knitting, comforting, and reassuring that mine started out just as messy looking they all left smiling. Good thing I scheduled 2-two hour sessions! All in all I had fun teaching and I think they enjoyed learning new things, albeit more new things than they expected to. The biggest challenge for me as a teacher is being left handed. It's really difficult to show someone how to do something when the way you do it is completely backwards. Hopefully I will be able to teach this class again in the fall (I'd do it sooner, but who wants a wool hat in June anyway?). And I also might get to teach an argyle sock class. After smoking through that baby bootee in a matter of hours, I think I can handle a class on it! (We'll ignore for now that it has 40,000 ends to weave in... and that it needs to be a matched pair)

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